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Written by Charlotte Friday   
Monday, 07 March 2011 22:02

The following are the results of the annual and leaving parental questionnaires.


Strongly disagree



Strongly agree

I am happy with the level of daily communication, using contact books and quick chats.



I am happy with the current routines and activities.



I am happy with the food provided.



I am happy with my child’s development.


I am happy with the methods used to manage my child’s behaviour.



I am happy with the toys and equipment provided.



I am happy with the service provided.


I believe my child is happy to attend the setting.


Original handwritten references can be viewed upon request (The children’s names have been omitted for their privacy).

I am always updated with things **** has done throughout the day including meals and activities. **** has a well-established routine with Charlotte that we continue at home. **** eats a variety of main meals with Charlotte and has been exposed to new foods i.e. mange tout! **** has started walking since being with Charlotte and can say a few words also. **** now understands the word no. **** has a variety of toys that he plays with at Charlotte’s house. Charlotte has listened and acted upon any improvements we have asked and cannot be faulted. **** is happy to be dropped off every session and seems very happy when collected. Happy with everything Charlotte does and can’t ask for anything else. **** is happy to be there so that is the main thing. Cannot be faulted. KS January 2012

Charlotte is always happy to listen and help with any issues **** has i.e. death of his dog. **** loves games and we bought ‘Pig goes pop’ for Christmas he loved it so much. Charlotte’s childminding has had a positive effect on ****. Strongly recommended. **** believes Charlotte is part of everyday life, which is the biggest compliment I can give. Very at home and happy. **** loves going to Charlotte’s and playing with Thomas. I am confident he is in safe hands. MW January 2012

**** comes home very chatty every day, as if she’s trying to tell us all what she has been up to. I think she learns a lot from the other children i.e. I’ve been trying to get her to clap but she has learnt it from a little boy in the end. Even though she has started to become more clingy to myself; she is still very happy to attend your house. I have nothing negative to say. **** clearly enjoys being in your company and we thank you for looking after her so well. SA & SA January 2012


I am writing in reference to the excellent care taken of my son whilst in the custody of Mrs Charlotte Friday for the past 8 months.

When **** was 13 months old I was unable to place him straight into nursery so as a temporary placement I contacted Charlotte, we arranged to meet, first impression happy, friendly, professional and caring person. **** then attended Charlotte’s for pre-attendance session, no worries, put me at ease for our first day apart.

**** has always been pleased to go to Charlotte’s of a morning, always a smile from the minute I drop him off.

Whilst in Charlotte’s care he has learnt so many new things developing all the time, he is a very sociable little boy, Charlotte has aided him with his counting, singing, talking, and interactive skills and lots more we notice from his contact with Charlotte and other children in her care.

He is always coming home having made something be it a general drawing or something more topical or with a theme, Easter, Mother’s Day, animals, festivals or musical instruments.

He has been able to go out daily on the school run or for walks and trips I would not have been able to do, he has regularly kept in contact with his friends at the childrens centre and everyone comments on how lovely and great Charlotte is with ****.

Charlotte keeps in daily contact with us and is always there to listen if we have concerns i.e. teething, tired etc. He has had a very good routine which is to replicate at weekends, including his meal times, which he has always been given varied and a healthy selection of meals and snacks.

A key part of our contact is his learning journal folder which is a fantastic insight into how and what **** is doing and the things he has learnt with visual and written information on his progress and future plans, it made me very proud to see what he has done.

Charlotte does a very good job at managing ****’s behaviour towards herself and other people/children.

With **** being at Charlotte’s he’s able to play indoors and outdoors as if at home with his own toys.

There has not been one moment that I thought **** has not been happy to stay with Charlotte and I have passed Charlotte’s details on to other Mums and would like to be able to pass them on in future as I see Charlotte as an excellent childminder and mother, it is very sad for us to be moving on with **** going to nursery but we are so very glad to have had Charlotte to be ****’s first guiding influence. AS August 2011

I feel Charlotte is very easy to talk to about helping to bring our son up. The value of money is great ***** always has his breakfast and lunch, she always offers new things to try and gives him a healthy choice in food. I feel he has learnt a lot and has been given great support in learning. Charlotte is friendly, kind and great at her job. AH & NR August 2011

*****’s Observation folder is brilliant, it gives us an insight into *****’s development and his weekly/monthly progress, not being with him it makes it a heart warming diary to see. We can then also work out where he has learnt new things, knowing he is happy and learning. AS July 2011

We love the idea of the observation folder, great job J, and pictures are very cute J. Thanks. AH July 2011

I was always very well informed about my son’s day and you are a wonderful person to have a chat with. ***** brought lots of things home that he has made, seems that he was participating in lots of activities and he was telling us he had fun all the time. ***** never came home hungry. Sometimes he would ask me to make some food like he had at childminder. ***** came to you knowing no English and now he speaks English very well. I guess that says it all, you did a good job with him. ***** had all his favourite toys there. Thank you for that. I know that ***** loves to come to you and he will miss you a lot. I could never imagine a better place for my son than he had in your house. Thank you very much for taking care of him for all this time. JJ June 2011

I would just like to thank you for the exceptional care you gave to ***** during his short time with you. DL June 2011

We had lots of fun looking at the observation folder. Thank you. JJ March 2011

***** takes part in numerous activities whilst in childcare, which has aided his development. Excellent service, I have peace of mind leaving my baby with Charlotte. I am extremely happy with the service I have received, would definitely use again in the future and would recommend to others. EW November 2010

Some of the food was new for *****, but he seems happy about it. I’m happy that he gets lots of fruit and vegetables. ***** has learnt a lot of new words with you. He is very happy to spend some time with other children and has learnt a lot. I have noticed that ***** behaves himself a lot better since starting at the childminders. Thank you for that. I’m very happy to notice that ***** loves to come to you and comes home with a smile. Thank you very much. JJ July 2010




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