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Childminding Hours of Service

6am - 8pm Monday to Friday

I may be able to accommodate hours outside of these, please contact me to discuss. I am available part time or full time; shifts; before and after school; term time or school holidays; holiday cover; ad hoc days.

Childminding Prices

Monday to Friday, 8am - 6pm:  £3.50 per hour

Unsociable hours, 6am - 8am and 6pm - 8pm:  £4.00 per hour

After school only care:  £4.00 per hour.

All charges are inclusive of all meals, snacks, drinks and toddler groups.

10% discounts for oldest sibling and full time (+35hrs) places.

I will drop off and collect from St George's C of E Primary School in Minster; there is no additional charge for this service.

I can also drop off and collect your child from local nursery or playgroup etc, where present commitments allow; there is no additional charge for this service.

Fees will be reviewed in March with effect from 1st April. You will receive at least 1 month’s notice of any fee increase.



Terms of Payment

An invoice will be raised 7-10 days prior to payment being required. Fees are payable in advance on the first day of the week that your child attends, you may pay weekly or monthly whichever suits you best; cash, childcare vouchers, bank transfers / standing orders or cheques.

There are no refunds for any absence, sick days, days off or holidays you wish to take.

I do not require payment when my childcare is not operating. For example when I am on holiday or if I have to close due to being ill I will not charge and a refund will be given on your next monthly / weekly invoice. I do not work on public / bank holidays.

If you collect your child earlier than stated on your contract, there is no reduction. Likewise a late drop off does not constitute a late pick up; additional payment will be required for late collection.

All contracted hours are to be paid in full regardless of full attendance. If the days that you require childcare vary or alternate from one week to another, I will have to keep your child’s place free on the alternative days and therefore charge a half fee for these days. This will benefit you as I will always have a place available for your child on those days. If you require the reserved space for your child when half fee is charged I will adjust the fee to full fee on the following invoice. You will need to provide at least 7 days notice of using a reserved space.

Failure to meet payment dates may result in withdrawal of my childcare service; if you are experiencing financial difficulties, please discuss with me as alternative payment arrangements may be possible. At my discretion a late fee will be charged for repeated late collections, and then a contractual change may need to be brought into effect.

If you want to terminate your contract, please give 4 full weeks written notice of the period stated on your contract. I will then confirm this in writing. Full payment of fees will be due for this period. I will provide a final invoice taking into consideration my holidays either taken or owing to you. This invoice should be settled 7 days before the Child’s final attendance. On your monthly invoice I will advise how many days holiday I have taken since your Child’s admission date.

If I need to terminate your contract I will advise you in writing, giving reason why and at least 4 weeks notice.

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